Useful SEN & Disability Contacts & Support  

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Aukids Magazine 
Aukids is a quarterly print magazine providing encouragement, advice and support for parents of children with autism spectrum conditions (ASC)

Autism Links
A very useful and growing website with a host of resources, advice, events and services around children and young people with autism. 

British Dyslexia Association
The BDA is the voice of dyslexic people. We aim to influence government and other institutions to promote a dyslexia friendly society, that enables dyslexic people of all ages to reach their full potential. The BDA promotes early identification of specific learning difficulties (SpLD) and support in schools to ensure opportunity to learn for dyslexic learners
Contact a Family 
Contact a Family is a national charity for families with disabled children. We provide information, advice and support. We bring families together so they can support each other. We campaign to improve their circumstances, and for their right to be included and equal in society.

Council for Disabled Children (CDC) 
The CDC is the umbrella body for the disabled children’s sector in England, bringing together the diverse range of organizations that work with and for disabled children to support the development and implementation of policy and practice.

The CDC - Early Support  
The Early Support programme ran from 2002 to 2015 with the aim to improve the way that services work with parents and carers of disabled children and young people from birth to adulthood across health, education and social care. Towards the end of the programme it played an integral role in coordinating and bringing together key professionals from across the education, health and social care sector to support the transition and implementation of the Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) reforms. 

Disability Arts Online 
Dao's vision is to achieve widespread appreciation for the richness and diversity of disability arts and culture. We aim to do this by transforming and enriching arts and culture through nurturing creativity and discourse from a disability perspective. We are bold and fearless in instigating intelligent debate to support the development of disability arts and culture. We are a portal into the world of disability arts and a hub that connects people in a strong and vibrant creative community.

We nurture and showcase talent, provide information and create opportunities for disabled artists through innovative partnerships. We are an empowering disability-led organisation with 83% of the board and 95% of our writers identifying as disabled people.

Disability Rights UK 
We are disabled people leading change, working to create a society where everyone with lived experience of disability or health conditions can participate equally as full citizens

EPIC – Equality, Participation, Influence, Change  
EPIC are a group of 16 disabled young people from across the country who are supported by the Council for Disabled Children to advise the Dept for Education on changes to the SEND system, as part of the Children and Families Act

The Foundation Years 
The best place to find information and support for parents and professionals working in the early years and childcare delivering services for children and families.

In Control 
In Control has a range of useful resources for families and professionals. They have provided training and support to the SEN Green paper Pathfinders and are also developing several chapters of parents Making It Personal handbook. In Control work directly with people who need support and with their families to provide them with knowledge, power and tools to take control of their lives. 

Dyslexia Assist 
By parents, for parents. By children, for children. A very useful website that offers a range of information for parents and children on all matters relating to dyslexia, its diagnosis, assessment and support. 

The Dyspraxia Foundation 
The Dyspraxia Foundation answers approximately 10,000 enquiries and distributes more then 20,000 leaflets about the condition, annually. The Foundation seeks every opportunity to increase understanding of Dyspraxia, particularly among professionals in health and education and encourages its local groups to do the same. It continues to encourage the smaller local groups to thrive and develop their own ideas and to distribute information and fund raise for themselves.

KIDS work with disabled children, young people and their families across England. They have extensive resources and provide a range of services.  All resources for the Making it Personal Project will be available on their website.

Whizz-Kidz sets disabled children free to reach their true potential and live their lives to the full. We provide mobility equipment to give kids the chance to be independent 

My Family, Our Needs
A lifestyle site for families, carers and practitioners supporting children and young adults with additional needs. Offers a very useful search feature to locate sporting activities for children with SEND by post-code. 

MQ - Transforming mental health through research
MQ stands for mental health and quality of life - two things that research has the power to transforrm. Useful site with a host of articles and latest research and news on mental health.

National Children’s Bureau 
The NCB is a leading charity that for 50 years has been improving the lives of children and young people, especially the most vulnerable. We work with and for children, to influence government policy, to be a strong voice for young people and practitioners and provide creative solutions on a range of social issue.

National Association of Family Information Services (NAFIS) 
The National Association of Family Information Services has a network of over 140 Family Information services across the UK. They provide membership services, quality awards, training and consultancy.

The National Autistic Society
The leading UK charity for people on the autism spectrum (including Asperger Syndrome) and their families. We provide information, support and pioneering services and campaign for a better world for people with autism.

National Network of Parent Carer Forums (NNPCF) 
The National Network has the contact details for parent forums around England.

Greenwich Parent Voice - Different Together 
We are an independent group of parents in Greenwich. All of us have a child with special educational needs or a disability, ranging from the most profound and complex to those without a Satement. We are committed to giving a voice to all parents and carers of disabled children in government. 

Office of Public Management (OPM) 
Office of Public Management (OPM) is a centre for the development of public services improvement, leadership and research. They are producing the Commissioner’s Guide to Personal budgets which will be available on their website as well as on KIDS.

OnLine Training
Free online training courses for parents and carers. Blended online SEND courses for teachers and teaching assistants who support children with special educational needs. Each course provides an understanding of a different SEN or disability, together with practical, evidence-based strategies that you can start using immediately. 
A busy but populare and very useful site with lots of advice, courses, articles and information for parents and professionals. 

Preparing for Adulthood 
The Preparing for Adulthood programme (PfA) is funded by the Department for Education as part of the delivery support for the SEN and disability reforms. It offers a wide range of services, regional support, best practice and information and supported internships.

Counselling support for all relationships, including separation and divorce, issues for children and young people, family life and parenting. We’re the UK's largest provider of relationship support, and every year we help over a million people of all ages, backgrounds and sexual orientations to strengthen their relationships. Find out more about what we do and how we can help you here.

Sheffield Parent Carer Forum 
An independent group of parents and carers of children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (0 - 25 years), with over 1200 members. Aims are to provide an exchange of information, mutual support and influence policy and practice. 

SEND Pathfinder 
The pathfinder website supports the SEND reforms and shares learning from the Pathfinders. Read about pathfinder progress in a number of key test areas, keep up to date with the development of legislation and guidance and find materials to support implementation.

Sky Badger 
Sky Badger is a charity that finds help and adventure for disabled children and their families all over the UK. They do this by building bridges between disabled children and the charities and services available to help. They source everything from disabled sports clubs to sibling groups to make a wish charities and share this news through their website, social media platforms, videos, information packs and helpdesk. 

Special Needs Jungle 
Parent-led information, resources and informed opiniion about children and young people with SEN, disability, health conditions and rare diseases.

We support families and those affected by a syndrome without a name. SWAN UK (syndromes without a name) is the only dedicated support available for families of children and young adults with undiagnosed genetic conditions in the UK. It is part of the charity Genetic Alliance UK.

Team Around the Child (TAC) & Interconnections Worldwide
A site with an international perspective sharing information, building knowledge and supporting teamwork around babies, children and young people who are disabled, marginalised or vulnerable. The home of Team Around the Child (TAC) and Caring Activism. 

Transition Information Network - Council for Disabled Children 
The Transition Information Network (TIN) is an alliance of organisations and individuals who come together with a common aim: to improve the experience of disabled young people’s transition to adulthood. TIN is a source of information and good practice standards for disabled young people, families and professionals.

The Daisy Chain Project, Kensington Foundation Resource Centre 
The Daisy Chain Project is a unique charity which addresses the needs of children on the autism spectrum and their families. 

The Therapy Directory 
A directory of professional therapists with guidance on the breadth and diverty of therapy available and easy to navigate search features. 

The Tutor Hunt 
A search directory enabling parents or young people to find a tutor or for professionals offering tuition services to register as a tutor.

First Tutors
A search directory enabling people to find great tutors in their local area. Established in 2005, First Tutors was the first service of its kind to establish a database of specialist tutors.

Young Minds - Child & Adolescent Mental Health 
If you are worried about a child or young person's emotional problems or behaviour, then contact the Young Minds Parents Helpline - 0808 802 5544.

Zero to Three  
Our mission is to ensure that all babies and toddlers have a strong start in life. At ZERO TO THREE, we envision a society that has the knowledge and will to support all infants and toddlers in reaching their full potential. During the first three years of life, emotionally nourishing relationships lay the foundation for lifelong health and well-being. By supporting the caring adults who touch the lives of infants and toddlers, we hope to maximize our long-term impact in ensuring all infants and toddlers have a bright future.


Last update: 28 June 2018.