A Vision for The Local Offer







What do we want for children & young people with special educational needs or disability?

Above all else, most Parents & Professionals want opportunities for all children and young people -

To achieve success
To enjoy school and to be happy
To feel valued and respected
To experience a rich and interesting curriculum
To have a say in the support that is offered
To socialize and make friends
To play sports and take part in the whole life of the school
To develop self confidence & gain independence

The Local Offer unites the needs of Parents, Schools & Commissioners with Specialist Providers.

Specialist Providers plays a vital part in enabling those who are seeking services, to choose the best provision possible. 
They may be therapeutic practitioners, coaches, dyslexia specialists, art therapists, visual impairment specialists or other services.

All Specialist Providers share a common goal - to make a difference to the life of the child in your care. To help that child achieve success, to enjoy school and to be happy, to feel valued and respected... 

The Local Offer launched in April 2014 and already has a membership base that includes - 

Therapeutic riding centres
Visual impairment practitioners

Dyslexia specialist teachers
Service children support networks
Wraparound Care services
Social, sporting and leisure services
SEND consultancy services
Holistic therapy and mindfulness practitioners
SEND consultants and consultancy services
Charities offering sporting, leisure and social activiites 

All of these services form a part of the local offer. They operate either locally, regionally or nationally.
Some have a number of branches across the country.

The SEND reforms are already having a significant impact on the way services are chosen and commissioned to deliver support on behalf of children and young people (0 - 25 years).

As more parents take on the opportunity to manage a Personal Budget, so the market place for providers can open up to reflect the true diversity and breadth of provision within each locality. 

Wouldn't it be wonderful if all children and young people had an educational experience that met, not just their SEN needs, but their interests, aspirations and ambitions too? 

Please share and support the work of The Local Offer and help make that vision become a reality. 

At The Local Offer, we are delighted to have the enthusiastic support and endorsement by several leading national and regional providers, including Riding for the Disabled, the Service Children’s Support Network, Positive Eye, GAP Education, Fledglings, Entrust Care Partnership & many more. 

These service providers will help shape the future of The Local Offer and drive forward positive opportunities presented by the SEND reforms, both locally and regionally, on behalf of all children and young people with special educational needs and disability. 


Heather Stack
March 2015.