The Local Offer by Region - Local Authorities in East Midlands 

Updates will be added regularly to this section of the site leading up to, and beyond, 1st September 2014 as each of the 152 local authorities in England publish their local offer.

Earlier statements regarding the progress of local offers have now ben removed and replaced with a comment, where relevant, if a local offer cannot be found via a direct link but is found via a landing page.  

First Publication date - 16 June 2014
Last update - 11 April 2018 


Region 4 - East Midlands 

Derby local offer 

Derbyshire local offer

Leicester local offer

Leicestershire local offer 

Lincolnshire local offer 

Northamptonshire local offer 

Nottingham local offer 

Nottinghamshire local offer  

Rutland local offer 


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