Local Authorities & The Local Offer 

The Children and Families Act (March 2014) requires Local Authorities to 

"Publish a local offer, setting out in one place information about provision they expect to be available for children and young people in their area who have special educational needs.

In this part of the site, The Local Offer takes a look across the country, region by region, at the variation in local offers, either by the type of provision included within that local offer, or the format or presentation, or by the state of preparedness of local authorities and their capacity to respond to, and implement the SEND reforms by September 2014. 

In the following pages a consistent format is used presenting a table of the local authorities in alphabetical order, in each region and links to their respective local offers. Google searches for the LA and the local offer have been used, with information taken from the first 20 search items (or two pages of a typical search).

Where no references to a local offer emerge, a statement is made - 'no local offer found'. Where a local authority provides a link to previously published guidance on the requirement to provide a local offer - rather than a local offer in actuality - this has not been included. 

Where a local authority publishes a holding page referencing the requirment to produce a local offer, the comment 'statement of intent' will be applied, alternating with 'brief statement of intent' where a minimal reference is made. 

From 1st September 2014 and onwards, content will be published and updated region by region with the intention that the local offer from 152 local authorities in England can be found on this site. Conscious that many local authorities local offers are a work in progress, this site welcomes submissions from local offer leads, or other contacts, who wish to update page links on the site.

If you feel the information presented is inaccurate, or does not reflect the current state of play in any local authority, content can be sent to info@thelocaloffer.co.uk