The Local Offer Terms & Conditions

In registering your service with The Local Offer, please ensure you have read and agreed to the following terms & conditions. By ticking the Accept Terms & Conditions box you are confirming that you accept and agree to the Terms & Conditions.

Membership Services Offered
Registration & Provider Profile Pages 
Simple Registration 
Invoice Terms 
Membership Renewal 
A polite notice 

Membership Services Offered

The Local Offer agrees to provide a web-platform and promotional space for organisations who join as members of its network of specialist & targeted services

All providers can be located on the site through the unique Provider Search feature which utilises information provided during the registration process and via the Road Map of SEND Provision

Members will be championed via social media sharing as a membership benefit, and by periodic inclusion in the monthly newsletter. Opportunities also arise for specific mention in specialist magazines, at national conferences or in social media articles, some of which may be by collaboration

SEND Providers who engage via Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram, will always gain more visibility than those who do not have social media links or connect with The Local Offer

Contact with SEND Providers will be made by monthly e-newsletter, by social media and by direct email. New members will be added to the newsletter’s subscription list to ensure they receive relevant information. Members are free to unsubscribe at any time using the Unsubscribe option

Every effort is made by The Local Offer to ensure that each member receives a fair level of attention through social media according to its subscription level, with priority given in order to Platinum level subscriptions, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Blue and Simple Registration

Members can submit Articles & Case-studies for inclusion on the site, update their Provider Profile page regularly, add live links on their page to their own site and make use of The Local Offer logo, all as fixed Membership Benefits, (dependent on subscription level)

The Local Offer develops its membership benefits and site features anticipating, and in response to, requests from members, considering how best to achieve its Mission Statement at all times

Whilst The Local Offer will guide and support Providers, through the e-newsletter, via email and via LinkedIn articles, to promote their service in the best light, The Local Offer does not bear responsibility for SEND Providers who feel they are not receiving additional business from membership alone

Registration & Provider Profile Pages

The Local Offer offers support by email or phone to services registering online, and will provide further support where information provided in the registration process is not sufficient to activate the Provider Profile page. This may be because not all essential information has been completed or because the content is not written clearly or in adequate detail to be helpful to site visitors

New members have a 10-day grace period to complete their registration and finalise their Provider Profile period. This is usually within the invoice payment period of 14 days. This allows time for any slight adjustments to be made to content and to ensure that the registration is complete

The 10-day grace period also allows for a time in which to cancel a registration made at no charge, provided that notice is given by email of the decision to cancel the registration

Subscription fees will apply after 10 days for those who have registered on the site, but may not have completed their registration or have an active Provider Profile page on the site

The renewal date for annual subscription renewals is counted as one year from the date of first registration, not when the Provider Profile page is live on the site. This system operates to ensure the efficient management of The Local Offer for the benefit of all its member services

All new members are required to confirm that their Provider Profile is accurate before their Profile page goes live on the site and, at the discretion of The Local Offer, at intervals throughout the period of membership if any concern is raised that the contact information or other content is no longer valid

All members and encouraged to share their Provider Profile page within their own social media and on their websites, to raise awareness of their work and their connection with The Local Offer. This will also give further gains regarding The Local Offer’s excellent search engine rankings

Simple Registration

Simple registration gives specialist providers an additional web presence for their service and association with The Local Offer at the low cost of just £100 per year.

The process to join The Local Offer under Simple Registration follows the same online registration process as for Annual Membership Subscriptions. Each service is listed according to their post-code in one local authority district.

It is expected that those organisations who register their service are mindful of expectations for all specialist providers - that the service they offer is consistently available to parents and carers, on behalf of children and young people (0 - 25 years) with special educational needs and/or disability.

Specialist providers may take advantage of Simple Registration on the site with annual renewal, with notice given for renewal options approximately one month in advance of the renewal date.

All services listed under Simple Registration are entitled to upgrade to one of the five Membership Subscriptions at any time. This is a quick and easy process as the key business information is already registered on the site.

Invoice Terms

Membership fees are set and determined by a number of criteria and in consideration of market research and other sources of business support

Payment for membership subscriptions can be made via Instant Transfer, by BACS, by cheque or by Paypal on request. Please bear in mind that cheque payments take 5 banking days to clear in addition to receipt by post, and that Paypal payments incur a charge to this service

At the point of confirmation of The Local Offer Membership and invoice payment, the new Provider Profile page will be live on the site and available for site visitors to access and make direct contact with the provider.

If payment has not been made or received by the due date noted on the invoice, reminders will be sent by email until such time that the invoice is paid in full. The Provider Profile page will not go live on the site until after payment is received

The Local Offer reserves the right to charge administration fees for following up late invoice payments, typically of £50 additional fees to account for the impact of late payment and administrative time. At times, The Local Offer may outsource the collection of late payments to a collection agent where attempts to communicate have failed over a protracted period of time

All new members are required to confirm that their Provider Profile is accurate and up to date at the point of membership and at intervals throughout the period of membership.

If a new SEND Provider decides, after registering their service online, that membership of The Local Offer is not appropriate for them at the current time, they have the right to cancel their online registration within the 10-day grace period from date of registration

The 10-day grace period includes weekends, so a registration made on Sunday 4 March would have a grace period until Wed 14 March to notify The Local Offer, by phone or by email, that they no longer wish to continue with an annual Subscription or Membership

Where no contact is made by an organisation after registering their service on line, an invoice will be raised for the default annual Subscription of Simple Registration currently set @ £100, 10 days after the date of registration, forwarded to the contact named in the registration

Membership Renewal

Members of The Local Offer will be sent a reminder that their membership is nearing an end 4 weeks before the expiry date of membership, based on the anniversary of joining The Local Offer

Membership can be for either one or two years, with renewal dates from the date or registration. For ease of management, renewals may be made from one of two set dates each month – the 1st or 15th of the month, giving members the benefit of additional weeks in their membership term

An option to join for a two-year period is available and gives a significant discount on annual fees

Members are able to try out membership on an ad hoc basis, opting for a shorter membership period. This service is available on request and not through the online registration process and is generally for a 3-month period

A polite notice

The Local Offer reserves the right to remove SEND Providers should their service attract a number of negative comments, or fail to resolve disputes regarding their services

Please remember that membership of The Local Offer will not transform or rejuvenate services that require attention to customer care, or that are not familiar with the changes brought in by the SEND reforms of September 2014, or fail to respond to the impact of the SEND reforms

Please ensure that contact numbers, website information and social media contacts are up to date and current. Failure to give accurate information may deter visitors from using the site and search features and indirectly, impact on other SEND Providers who support this social enterprise.

This website complies with The Equality Act 2010 and makes use of the Browse-Aloud feature to ensure that every page and all content is fully accessible by visitors with special educational need and/or disability


The presence of SEND Providers on The Local Offer site does not infer that individual services have been checked, inspected or vetted in any way with regards the suitability of their services. However, all must meet the criteria of offering specialist or targeted education, health or social care services working with, or on behalf of, children and young people (0 – 25 years)

It remains the responsibility of those seeking services to ensure that the Provider meets recognized standards of specialist provision, knowledge, care and compliance.

It also remains the responsibility of those specialist providers registering their service with The Local Offer to ensure that the information they provide is correct, up to date and relevant to the needs of this service and its users.


Content Update: 1 March 2018