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As well as providing mobility equipment, at Whizz-Kidz we run a whole range of other services for young wheelchair users, completely free of charge.

Our Ambassador Clubs (youth clubs) are a place for young disabled people to meet up, make friends and have fun! We do everything from music, dance, art, sports, beauty therapy, cooking, trips and a whole lot more. We even run campaigns to help improve the lives of young disabled people by raising awareness of disability issues and campaigning for better facilities.
Ambassador Clubs are available to wheelchair users aged 8-25 in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. In Wales they're available for ages 14-25.

At Whizz-Kidz, we know how important it is to get the most from your wheelchair. Being able to use it safely and confidently can make all the difference.
We offer three levels of Wheelchair Skills Training: beginners, intermediate and advanced to support wheelchair users aged 2-25. Our training events are delivered by skilled and experienced Trainers who will ensure you receive the best training available. Many of our Trainers are wheelchair users themselves, so they bring a wealth of experience to these sessions and can also provide some useful answers to your questions.
To register for Wheelchair Skills Training and any of our other young people's services, please fill in our online application form.

If you've got any questions or would like to know more about our services, please email us at or call us (freephone when calling on a landline) on 0800 151 3350.

Whizz-Kidz provides short residential camps for young disabled people. Camp Whizz-Kidz is designed for wheelchair users aged 12-25. Each camp lasts three days and two nights, and brings together key elements of all Whizz-Kidz training programmes. Young people who go along to camp get the chance to learn a range of skills such as: wheelchair skills training, assertiveness training, budgeting, shopping, cooking and team challenges.

Participants also take part in other social activities like drama, sports, meeting inspirational role models and a themed karaoke party. At each camp we have experienced day and night care staff to support with any personal care and/or medication. We work very closely with families to ensure the right level of care is in place so that young people can enjoy a varied and fun training programme.

Camps are completely free and spaces are limited! If you'd like to apply to Camp Whizz-Kidz, please sign up using our online application form.

If you want to experience the workplace, learn more about a career, gain useful contacts and improve your employability, we’re here to help! Here at Whizz-Kidz, we offer a range of work placement and internships opportunities, and work skills days - all designed just for young disabled people age 14-25 years old.

Categories of SEND

Cognition and learning, Communication and Interaction, Sensory and/or physical development difficulties , Medical conditions .

Age group

Primary, Secondary, Post 16.


Community & Voluntary Sector Service, Information, Guidance & Advocacy Service , Specialist Educational Setting and/or Outreach Service, Targeted Service & Specialist Practitioners .

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