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Thrive-Online is an assessment tool and extensive activity planning resource. It helps parents and carers and others working with children to identify the underlying emotional needs that drive their differing and sometimes challenging behaviours.

For families, Thrive-Online can be used to
Assess individual children to identify their emotional and social development needs
Develop Action Plans to address their individual needs
Review and re-assess individual children to chart their progress
Provide a shared language for communicating emotional and social developmental needs to school staff and/or other professional staff supporting your children.

The activities that make up individual Action Plans are drawn from an extensive resource library of activities that are:
tailored to meet individual needs
based in the arts and creativity
practical and easy to implement at home
helpful in fostering positive relationships between you and your children.

Action Plans can be updated as needed and the cycle of assessment, action planning and re-assessment can be repeated as many times as necessary. The aim is for the children to learn the new social and emotional skills they need to grow and come alongside their siblings and peers and to have fun with you as they learn.

Categories of SEND

Communication and Interaction, Emotional, social & mental health difficulties.

Age group

Early years, Primary, Secondary.


Education Service, Information, Guidance & Advocacy Service , SEND Products & Resources.

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Please ring the Head Office on the number above.