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The Sunflower Programme is a children’s health and wellbeing programme.

We help children with a range of issues – from those diagnosed with dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD, ASD and the like, to children with low self-esteem, poor concentration, anxiety or other issues.

Our practitioners are fully qualified osteopaths as well as being trained on the unique and innovative Sunflower Programme. Children on the programme visit their practitioner with their family for regular sessions to improve their structure, nutritional health and brain functioning. The whole screening and treatment procedure is divided into 10 key stages, over four categories, through which each child needs to pass. Some children will not require treatment at every stage.

Each Sunflower programme is tailor-made to the child’s requirements. Sessions can be half an hour or one hour, depending on the child. The programme normally lasts 6-9 months depending on the individual child and what they need help with. Each child will be given home-based activities to support the programme.

Every child is assessed before and after the programme and results show an average uplift of 80% in the overall health and wellbeing of the children. The areas measured are structural, biochemical and neurological.

There is no referral process for the Sunflower Programme – families can contact us for an assessment if they feel their child would benefit. Since inception, the Sunflower Trust has had an assisted funding purse (bursaries) to help parents who might otherwise be unable, or find it difficult, to cover the cost of their child going through the Sunflower Programme. Assessment is based on a number of criteria.

Categories of SEND

Cognition and learning, Communication and Interaction, Sensory and/or physical development difficulties , Medical conditions , Emotional, social & mental health difficulties.

Age group

Primary, Secondary.


Consultancy Service, Education Service, Health and/or Social Care Service , SEND Products & Resources, Targeted Service & Specialist Practitioners .

Referral Process

Contact us directly by phone to arrange an initial assessment and to apply for a bursary.