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Laura Burrage

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07393 332872
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Key Services

Areas covered


The Butterfly Room offers mental health services and interventions for children aged 4 years until early adulthood of 21 years.

We are a team of therapists including; Art Therapists, Play Therapists, Psychotherapists and CBT Therapists. We support children with ASD/ADHD/ADD and social and emotional problems alongside co morbid mental health concerns such as anger, challenging behaviour, anxiety and depression.

Additionally , along with 1:1 therapy for children we also run regular group therapy services through out the year including our 6 week 'Happiness Course' , our 10 week 'Art for Anxiety' course and our sibling support group.

We also provide adult therapy for parents of children with SEN, sibling therapy and training in working with ASD/ADHD to schools and other organisations.

Categories of SEND

Emotional, social & mental health difficulties.

Age group

Primary, Secondary, Transition to adult services.


Information, Guidance & Advocacy Service , Targeted Service & Specialist Practitioners .

Referral Process

Self referral / school referral / GP referral