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07989 237004
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RoseFE Ltd is led by Bob Rose who has extensive strategic and operational management experience in providing specialist support and strategic direction to organisations that impact on the lives of young people with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND) and their families.

He has experience and skills in researching, consulting, planning, delivering and evaluating services that support young people with SEND.

His achievements include:
Establishing and managing integrated NHS health, education, social care, voluntary and community services
Developing models of best practice recognised and shared by Ofsted
Policy development

His services include:
Audit - Undertaking a comprehensive audit of current processes and activity.
Identifying areas of activity that require improvement to meet the current legislation requirements under the Children and Families act 2014.
Preparation for the new CIF inspection starting in May 2016.
Project management -
Developing a learner focused approach with measured reviews and outcomes.
Strategic planning
Policy review and implementation of robust policies and processes that ensure the effective joint commissioning for children with SEN in the local authority
Transition planning - developing processes that supports the transition that improves the outcomes for young people with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities. Budget review - provide expert advise on cost-effective service delivery.
Parental engagement – developing a model to encourage parent participation
Developing individualisied programmes of study including health needs – joined up approach
Developing a fully integrated provision – multi disciplinary approach
Trouble shooting/supporting staff with difficult situations around Local Reform
Training – delivering training to service providers, practioners and management.

Categories of SEND

Cognition and learning, Communication and Interaction, Sensory and/or physical development difficulties , Emotional, social & mental health difficulties.

Age group

Secondary, Post 16, Transition to adult services.


Consultancy Service, Education Service, Information, Guidance & Advocacy Service , Targeted Service & Specialist Practitioners .

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