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ReadingWise English is jump-starting reading for the 20% who struggle. It is an on line programme where learners work independently supported by a trained supervisor. The programme is rigorous and methodical with frequent validation and reward leading to improved engagement. 

It makes a measurable difference on reading. Trials have shown an average reading age increase of over 9 months after just 20 hours use. Reporting aligns this to pupil premium spend quickly and easily. 
ReadingWise English can be delivered by TAs and includes CPD, following the best practice outlined by new EEF research and encouraged by ofsted. 
The impact of 1:1 literacy interventions, but with a ratio of 1:10, meaning large groups can benefit and the programme is far more cost effective
Areas covered:
We cover all of the UK. We currently work with schools and other centres throughout the UK including Wales. In Scotland we are currently working with city authorities in Aberdeen and Edinburgh.


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Cognition and learning, Communication and Interaction.

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Primary, Secondary.


Education Service, SEND Products & Resources.