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MacIntyre is a national charity providing support for children, young people and adults who have a learning disability or autism.  Founded in 1966 our vision is for all people with a learning disability to live a life that makes sense to them.

For children up to 19 years we offer

Our further education provision is available for 16 to 25 year olds.  Primarily working with local further education colleges we offer individualised programmes of learning for each young person in their local area.  A young person’s programme may include a wide range of elements, using mainstream and specialist facilities as vehicles for the opportunities to learn and participate.

Central to MacIntyre’s DNA (the way we do things) are a set of Promises.  Each Promise sets out what a person supported by MacIntyre can expect and more importantly what they can hold MacIntyre accountable for. This way there can be no confusion as to what every child and adult who connects with MacIntyre can expect from us.

MacIntyre also offers supported living, outreach and registered care services for adults with a learning disability.


Categories of SEND

Cognition and learning, Sensory and/or physical development difficulties , Emotional, social & mental health difficulties.

Age group

Primary, Secondary, Post 16, Transition to adult services.


Community & Voluntary Sector Service, Education Service, Health and/or Social Care Service , Specialist Educational Setting and/or Outreach Service, Targeted Service & Specialist Practitioners .

Referral Process

Please contact, phone 01908 230100