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Fledglings is a national charity that helps families to find solutions to day to day difficulties that challenge them in the care and development of their children.

We do this by searching for, developing, testing and supplying affordable products to meet individual needs. We also inform families about other services that may help and signpost them to sources of financial support where appropriate. As Fledglings has long experience of addressing a wide variety of different needs we are often able to give immediate answers to the problems families bring to us. This helps children to receive help promptly and relieves families of  further searching.  

We offer assistance via our phone and email Help-lines, which are staffed by people with knowledge and experience, including parents of children with additional needs.

Through our product brochure, or Fledglings eShop, we are able to supply a range of relatively small items directly and at as low a price as we can manage, so saving further time in obtaining small items to help a child progress. These products include eating and drinking equipment, toilet training aids, safety items, and a range of clothing including swimwear for incontinent children. These items help children to achieve greater independence in eating, drinking, becoming continent, and learning to swim and so ultimately to be involved in inclusive activities within their communities.

We also offer solutions information on our website. We are in the process of developing our services further via social media.  When time allows we also make visits and presentations to parent and professional groups in schools, children’s centres and at other charity‘s events.

The Helpline service is free of charge and is open to any parent who may contact us directly for as often as they wish and for as long as they may need our service.  

Categories of SEND

Cognition and learning, Communication and Interaction, Sensory and/or physical development difficulties , Medical conditions , Emotional, social & mental health difficulties.

Age group

Early years, Primary, Secondary, Post 16.


Community & Voluntary Sector Service, Consultancy Service, Education Service, Health and/or Social Care Service , Information, Guidance & Advocacy Service , SEND Products & Resources.