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Explore Learning centres provide award-winning tuition for children of all abilties, aged 4-14.

Tuition for every stage of your child’s learning

Whatever stage your child is at, we’re here to provide you with maths and English tuition that can really make a difference. The Explore curriculum includes Maths, English, creative writing, the Eleven Plus, Entrance exams and handwriting. All of our content maps to the National Curriculum in England and Curriculum for Excellence in Scotland. Our tailored approach means we can support children of all abilities – whether gifted and talented, looking for a confidence boost or those with special educational needs. Explore Learning centres provide award-winning tuition for children of all abilities, aged 4-14.

Expert tutors

All our tutors are experts in the school curriculum and receive regular training on current teaching methods. Our team love their jobs and this passion creates a vibrant, positive working environment where children can thrive. Every child is treated as an individual and we work on curriculum levels appropriate to them. Not only does Explore Learning help with learning content but it also teaches children how to be good learners by instilling the skills of concentration, effort and asking for help.

Journey to success

We celebrate every child, not based on others, year groups or levels, but based on them. That’s why we’ve managed to support over 175,000 children to become confident learners who are ready to take their next step, whatever that may be.


Our Bournemouth tuition centre is open 7 days a week. Members do not need to book sessions in advance, and can attend on any day, and at any time during our opening hours. Maths and English tuition sessions are approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes long and families are entitled to 2 sessions every week.

FREE trial sessions are held every day of the week at our Bournemouth centre, but we must recommend making a booking in advance.

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