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Entrust Care Partnership is a recently established not for profit organisation and Company Limited by Guarantee.

We have ambitious plans and a great deal of enthusiasm and experience in our chosen field whilst retaining a prudent and sensible approach to growth.   

Entrust Care Partnership’s Vision is:

To meet the needs of disabled children, young persons, adults and their families and carers through the provision of short break activities, care, support, training, advice and brokerage tailoring services which are bespoke to the individual.

The company will reinvest its surplus to provide direct services for the benefit of disabled children, young people, adults and families. 

Our Commitment

Entrust Care Partnership will offer social value through its governing aims of:

We deliver services under the broad banner of 4 key themes:

(i) Short Break Care, 
(ii) Personalisation,
(iii) Holiday Breaks and
(iv) Family Participation.

We want to provide a different way of caring which is cost effective and supports choice. We work with disabled children, young people and adults in groups, one to one in the home or in community settings. We trust people to make good decisions. They trust us to provide good services.

We offer a counselling service to those families with a newly diagnosed child to help come to terms with a different life path. Our intention is to listen to needs expressed by service users and look for creative ways of meeting them. 

Service Delivery

We have been successful in securing some grant funding, donations and earned income.   Examples of the type of services we have or are providing are listed below: 

Holiday Breaks Service

We have recently been involved in a competitive tender process undertaken by Warwickshire County Council and as a result Entrust Care Partnership is taking responsibility for four disability friendly static mobile homes and a Lodge. These holiday breaks let at below the commercial rate are in a choice of destinations.

Skegness: Based at South View Leisure Park, 2 six berth caravans, fully equipped Pemberton Harmony homes with everything you need to enjoy your holiday.  The site boasts a four star hotel, ideal for other family members or carers.

Burnham on Sea: Based at Burnham on Sea Holiday Village, 2 six berth caravans, fully equipped Pemberton Harmony homes with everything you need to enjoy your holiday.  From this site you can walk to the beach and stroll into the seaside town of Burnham.

Wicksteed Park: Based in the Grade 2 listed parklands, near Kettering, only an hour away is our six berth timber Lodge, nestled with only a small number of others this site offers the relaxing pastimes of walking, fishing and nature trails. Close by is a traditional funfair of some thirty rides and together with the site they operate as a Charity, here you will find plenty of activities and places to eat and snack as a family.

We are now offering the following:


We offer a counselling service to those families with a newly diagnosed child to help come to terms with a different life path, or indeed those wishing to talk through the challenges and joys of family life in a supportive, confidential setting.  A donation is requested for this service.  

One to One

Entrust Care Partners are individuals employed by Entrust Care Partnership offering support to children, young people or adults on a one to one basis. This 1/1 support guided by a family request or allocated following an assessment of need via Social Care is usually given at regular intervals and can range from  two hours to six hours. It may be support in the home or community setting and will often increase during the school holiday period when families need more care.     

Parent & Carer Workshops 

This exciting new service offers parents and carers of disabled children, young people or adults living in the Warwickshire area, opportunities to come together for mutual support and friendship. The sessions will be facilitated by professionals and specialist visitors will provide advice, guidance and positive strategies which will support adults in their caring duties. Topics covered will include - life coaching, holistic therapy, health, well-being and exercise, hearing my voice and counselling. 

Play and Stay

These time limited sessions bring together parents and carers whose child has recently received a diagnosis or identification of a disability or additional need. They offer the opportunity to share information, advice and friendship of others who are in a similar position. Children play whilst skilled volunteers and a qualified Counsellor are on hand to listen and support families. The group is hosted by a local Children’s Centre and ends with a shared Community lunch.

Out and About

With funding from Children in Need we have employed a part time 'Out and About' Coordinator who is responsible for securing a pool of volunteer befrienders.  These befrienders are matched with a disabled child or young person supporting them to attend a mainstream leisure or social activity of their choice.  A home visit would always be undertaken to assess the needs of the family and support a good link. Following a Befriender link a period of 'getting to know you' activities would be undertaken, this would enable a full understanding of the child or young person's special requirements in communication, mobility, health and interests.

Life Skills Groups

Young disabled people share the same aspirations as those youngsters who do not have additional needs. They look forward to adulthood, getting a job, having a relationship, gaining independence to go out by themselves and socialising in a safe way. These supportive groups for those aged over 14 are focussed on these key learning themes to support the transition to adulthood.

The sessions combine theory and practice, encouraging young people to make choices and plan for the future. Skilled support staff, youth workers and volunteers are ‘independence buddies’ and together with other specialists in relevant fields, for example money advice, enhance the experience for those attending. 

Young Entrepreneurs

 Our young entrepreneur programme for disabled young people aged 14 enhances life skills, builds confidence and independence and raises aspirations. The sessions offer practical experiences in a meaningful way, giving new opportunities for young people to increase knowledge in support of their next steps into college, training, work or setting up their own business.  Over three sessions, those attending will learn and use business skills becoming Young Entrepreneurs.  Together we will build a business culminating on the third session in a pop up café and shop open to the local community, our families, friends and neighbours.


Working with Family Voice Warwickshire, a countywide Parent and Carer Forum across Warwickshire we are helping to further promote and develop Disability Awareness Training which offers professionals the opportunity to hear first hand a parental perspective. Additionally for parents and carers we host ~First Aid Training, Discover Your True Voice and Meeting the Sensory Needs of your Child. We are always happy to listen and provide other types of workshop if you would find them helpful. 

We host regular Coffee & Chat sessions with three very experienced parent/carers supporting and offering advice on a wide range of issues, as they are the ones who have 'got the tee-shirt.' .   

Sports For You 

New for this year, these sessions provide taster outdoor sports for those 11 years and above. For example, Five-a-side football, Tai Chai, Running, Circuit Training, Kwik Cricket, and Touch Rugby, all with professional coaches, Youtube reminders and support staff on hand. This programme is a must do. 


Homeshare offers a low cost effective preventative programme which meets the needs of families caring for a disabled child, older people and people with disabilities (‘Householders’) as well as individuals seeking accommodation and motivated to help vulnerable people (‘Homesharers’).

Householders who are in need of support and have a home to share are matched with Homesharers aged over 18 who need accommodation and can give the help required. Householder/families provide no cost accommodation which includes a separate bedroom for their Homesharer in exchange for 10 hours of specifically tailored help each week. 

We aim to be the best employers that we can be and we always welcome feedback on the services we offer. 

Families or the Local Authority pay an hourly rate for services and expect that - 

Entrust Care Partners are - 

Categories of SEND

Cognition and learning, Communication and Interaction, Sensory and/or physical development difficulties , Medical conditions , Emotional, social & mental health difficulties.

Age group

Early years, Primary, Secondary, Post 16, Transition to adult services.


Community & Voluntary Sector Service, Consultancy Service, Health and/or Social Care Service , Targeted Service & Specialist Practitioners .