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Dyslexia Assist is a non-affiliated, professional in approach, registered charity founded by parents of children with a diagnosis of dyslexia, to share information, practical tips, ideas and experiences.

There is no known cure for dyslexia, but there are many strategies and support systems that can made a difference to the impact of dyslexia on a young person's life.

Dyslexia Assist was set up by parents with their dyslexic children who have battled through the education system.

Dyslexia Assist provides a free, comprehensive hub of practical information with tips, ideas and experiences to share with both parents and children, helping you to help your child.

Often parents find tutors by word of mouth. We would like to enable parents to easily find support locally with the assurance that other parents and children have recommended them. We know how it feels to leave your children with a stranger, hoping they will be happy in lessons they may not be keen to have.


Registered Charity No: EW09859

Categories of SEND

Cognition and learning, Communication and Interaction, Emotional, social & mental health difficulties.

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Early years, Primary, Secondary.


Community & Voluntary Sector Service, Education Service, Information, Guidance & Advocacy Service , SEND Products & Resources, Specialist Educational Setting and/or Outreach Service, Targeted Service & Specialist Practitioners .

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