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CPotential is a registered charity. We offer a range of integrated therapies to help disabled children grow in confidence and skills so that they can achieve their potential and live as independently as possible. We believe everyone has the potential to learn – we are here to make that happen.

Early Intervention and Sessional Services

We provide tailored group sessions for children and young people aged 0-15 who have movement difficulties due to conditions such as cerebral palsy, global development delay or acquired brain injury.

Based on the principles of Conductive Education, we use a holistic approach to help each child:

We run sessions during the week, after school and on Saturdays. Above all, we create a warm, supportive, fun learning environment and celebrate each child’s achievements. 

Mollii Suit Assessments

We also offer free assessments for children and adults to try the Mollii Suit.  This is an innovative assistive device that helps relieve spasticity and improve muscle control for people with neurological conditions.

Woodstar School

We run our own Department for Education approved independent special primary school and nursery, rated  ‘Good’ by Ofsted (February 2017).

We cater for children aged 3 - 11 whose primary needs are related to physical development with associated difficulties such as moderate or severe learning difficulties, communication delay or disorders or sensory processing.

We believe strongly that the best way to foster a child’s true potential is by addressing all their developmental needs and that all activities provide exciting opportunities for children to gain functional life skills.

We deliver this through our ‘Learning for Living’ active education curriculum. This brings together classroom learning with a range of integrated therapies and practical fun project work to support each child’s development across all aspects of their life.

We are committed to offering our pupils the best opportunities to suit their learning needs. For some children, this may include a part-time dual placement with a mainstream school or nursery.

We have a high staff: pupil ratio to meet each child’s Education Health and Care Plan.

Support for Parents

We provide support and information for parents and carers and offer a friendly, positive place where you can share ideas and concerns. We also produce our own videos with expert advice on topics such as clinical negligence claims, speech and language therapy and Special Educational Needs appeals.

We strongly encourage parents and carers to come and take part in the sessions with their children. In this way, you can understand how your child learns and gain the skills and confidence to continue the learning at home.

Categories of SEND

Cognition and learning, Communication and Interaction, Sensory and/or physical development difficulties .

Age group

Early years, Primary.


Education Service, Health and/or Social Care Service , Information, Guidance & Advocacy Service , Specialist Educational Setting and/or Outreach Service, Targeted Service & Specialist Practitioners .

Referral Process

We welcome self-referral by parents or referrals from professionals. Please use the Contact Us or Request for Assessment forms on our website.