The Local Offer - Mission Statement 







The Local Offer's Mission Statement: 

The Local Offer is a forward-thinking, flexible and responsive social enterprise, treasuring innovation in service delivery and making a difference to the landscape of SEN and disability provision. It provides a membership platform for cross-sector specialist and targeted education, health & social care services working with, and on behalf of, children and young people with SEND. 

  1. The Local Offer increases access to specialist services via its search features and provider network
  2. It raises awareness of different forms of intervention or therapy, some of which may not be mainstream 
  3. It promotes & champions the work of cross-sector education, health & social care services, working locally, nationally & regionally
  4. It provides a platform to challenge, influence and impact on national policy in SEN & disability matters . 

The Local Offer takes a holistic view to looking at all services across the sectors in education, health & social care working in the SEND sector. It covers all 152 local authorities in England, with many highly mobile, non-location-dependent services that provide services across the country.. 

Most significantly, The Local Offer works hard to ensure that support for children and their families considers needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 52 weeks a year. The SEND Reforms and the transition to Education, Health & Care Plans enshrine in law that right to support across education and health, but access to services that support children and families in a holistic manner, remains a challenge for many children and their families. 

What do we want for children & young people with SEN or disability?

Most parents and professionals want opportunities for all children & young people  -

To achieve success
To enjoy school and to be happy
To feel valued and respected
To experience a rich and interesting curriculum
To have a say in the support that is offered
To socialize and make friends
To play sports and take part in the whole life of the school
To develop self confidence & gain independence

Specialist Providers plays a vital part in enabling those who are seeking services, to choose the best provision possible. They may be therapeutic practitioners, coaches, dyslexia specialists, art therapists, visual impairment specialists or other services.

All Specialist Providers share a common goal - to make a difference to the life of the child in your care. Support and intervention takes many forms, and may be delivered in the home setting, in early years centres, schools or colleges, in specialist or alternative provision, or at health centres, or other settings. 

The Local Offer launched in April 2014 and has a membership base of specialist & targeted services (the local offer) that includes the following, located on the Road Map of SEND Provision.  

All of these services form a part of the local offer. They operate either locally, regionally or nationally. Some have a number of branches across the country and are highly mobile, offering flexible support to multiple regions in the UK.

Heather Stack
September 2017