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Jan 2015 update: The interim report of the Mindfulness All-Party Parliamentary group has now been published. 

The Mindfulness Initiative is an advocacy project, aimed at increasing awareness of how mindfulness can benefit society. The Initiative is working with parliamentarians, media and policy makers to develop recommendations on the role of mindfulness in public policy and the workplace. 

Scientific research is generating substantial evidence of the benefits of mindfulness to well-being. There is great public interest in the field, but access to quality training is patchy

The Mindfulness Initiative is helping the Mindfulness All Party Parliamentary Group conduct an inquiry into how mindfulness could be incorporated into UK services and institutions. This will result in publication of the Mindful Nation UK report in June 2015, folllowing publication of an interim report in January 2015. We are working with government ministers, opinion-formers and employers to explain the evidence and develop appropriate mindfulness programmes. 

The Mindfulness Initiative is supported by the four mindfulness training and research centres in OxfordExeterBangor and Sussex, as well as The Mental Health Foundation. Its patrons are Jon Kabat-Zinn and Ruby Wax. The advisory group and team of associates includes leading practitioners, researchers and policy experts.

To read the Interim Report - Mindful Nation UK Interim Report of the Mindfulness All Party Parliamentary Group - follow the link below.

The opportunities for schools to benefit from Mindfulness practices, either incorporated into the school day or as time-bounded period of intervention, is vast and remains an untapped potential for positive change.

Do consider how Mindfulness could benefit your educational setting as part of provision identified in the local authorities Local Offer. 


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10th February 2015.