Personal Coaching & Support for Parents 

Special educational needs and disability provision, policy and practice is in a very different place now to the landscape of the early 1990s when I first started out as a local authority advisory teacher for children with SEN (general learning difficulties, and then specific & general, and later still, with childhood autism and behaviural difficulties). Even the terminology has changed significantly.

One widespread policy, over two decades ago, was that most children, if not all, identified with /SEN at primary school and having a Statement of SEN, would not remain in mainstream education. That was beyond our control, as SEN advisory teachers, but the anxiety, anger and frustration of parents was ever present. The need to have knowledge, a diagnosis and understanding, drives parents through a protracted process that leads, in some cases, to the allocation of funding. But that becomes a somewhat poisoned chalice when that funding is locked within specialist provision. 

Times have moved on and the inclusion agenda enshrined in law, promotes mainstream provision for all children with SEND. But I sometimes wonder if we haven't, along the way, created bigger long term societal problems as the rates of exclusions from mainstream schools, including Academy Trusts, rises year on year in some local authorities. There are many excluded children taught in unregulated teaching spaces that fall beyond the scope of Ofsted to inspect. Where a child should be educated, as the range of educational provision fragments, is a complex field. 

There are many funded services that offer support to parents and carers of children with SEND, concerned about the next steps, about specific issues, or navigating transition to secondary or post-16 provision. These are listed under Useful Contacts & Support.

If you have explored all other options and wish to access specialist, confidential consultancy support via phone or skype, this service is available from 1st July 2017.

All calls will be scheduled with fees paid in advance via paypal or instant bank transfer. 

Rates are as follows:
30 minute call to landline number or via skype @ £30.00
55 minute call to landline number or via skype @ £50.00

4 x 30 minute calls to landline number or via skype @ £110.00
4 x 55 minute calls to landline number or via skype @ £190.00 

 To set up this service, please email to schedule your consultancy call. 

For more information about my work as a SEND consultant, please explore About Heather M Stack on The Local Offer. 

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