Benefits of Membership 

There are a host of benefits to membership of The Local Offer, an innovative, forward-thinking social enterprise providing a platform for education, health & social care services and increasing choice & control for parents, carers, young people & professionals.
There are a range of fixed and ad hoc benefits for those joining at all Membership Levels, right up from Simple Registration through to Platinum Level Membership. Fixed benefits include a planned delivery of designed membership benefits, whilst Ad hoc benefits arise out of context or through The Local Offer's connections with other organisations, including the conference sector, publishing industry & engagement with cross-sector education, health & social care services.
Salford University, for instance, offers members of The Local Offer, discounted and sometimes free places at its frequent SEN & Disability confernces. As Founder, I am frequently given a number of free places at national conferences where I am invited to speak, which have included The Royal Academy of Art, Westminster Education Forum, Public Policy Exchange and more. 

Fixed Benefits include the following: 

  1. A unique Provider Profile page containing contact details, website & social media links & detailed service descriptor 
  2. Inclusion on the Road Map of SEND Provision, one of the most popular pages on the site, with easy access for all site visitors 
  3. Easy access to your service for site visitors by up to 6 search criteria via the Provider Search feature 
  4. The ability to show the geographical reach of your service via Google locator pins, showing the locations of your bases, or all the local authorities where you have a presence 
  5. Ability to add live links to your own website and services (dpeendent on Subscription level) 
  6. Opportunities to revise and update your Provider Profile page in line with your Membership Subscription Benefits 
  7. Use of The Local Offer logo on your own site and publicity material (dependent on Subscription level) 
  8. Ability to add content on the site via the Provider Articles & Case Studies page 
  9. Ability to create links to the site or specific pages to increase access to Information, Advice & Guidance
  10. Access to a directory of SEND support services for Parents & Carers on the Useful Contacts & Support page 
  11. Monthly e-newsletter, with a focus on policy updates, local & national news stories and spotlight on new Members 
  12. Discount offers of 10% off all consultancy fees for short term, ad hoc or project-based work from The Local Offer

In addition to Fixed Benefits, The Local Offer provides Members with a range of ad hoc benefits, arising from context or the generous offers from associated organisations. 

Ad hoc Benefits include: 

  1. Discounted or free place offers at national or regional SEND conferences, based on offers from associated organisations and the involvement of The Local Offer in the conference - offered on a first come, first served basis to Members only 
  2. References in SEND magazine, SEN Leader and other specialist magazines, through regular articles high-lighting good practice in SEN & disability - with some articles a collaborative exercise inviting Members of The Local Offer to contribute 
  3. Representation at Government policy stakeholder engagement events, including the Green Paper on Children & Young People's Mental Health, with specific references given to services registere on the site making effective mental health provision 
  4. Representation in national conference presentation papers, where specific organisations are named high-lighting best practice or innovative approaches to addressing SEND in children & young people 
  5. Direct email contact alerting Members to opportunities that arise from calls to The Local Offer requesting specific support 
  6. A pro-active approach to making introductions and putting people and services in touch with each other to mutual benefit 
  7. Social media connections across Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and more recently, Instagram
  8. Opportunities to share video content via the social media platforms (dependent on Subscription level) 

Self portrait: Young girl with mental health difficulties, Year 4. 

Last update: 1st March 2018.