A Little Workshop of Calm 

As Founder of The Local Offer, Heather Stack is a SEND Consultant with many years experience of working with children with SEND and their parents or carers. Since 2002, Heather has been delivering commissioned, bespoke workshops, inset and training to different audiences in schools, for national training programmes, for parent-support groups, the disability charity sector and others.

A Little Workshop of Calm has been researched and developed to address the unique challenges faced by parents of children with SEND. A growing body of evidence indicates this parent-carer group are more vulnerable to emotional and mental health difficulties, social isolation, stress and anxiety, physical health and well-being challenges than other parents. A Little Workshop of Calm sets out in a graduated way a series of exercies and discussion points to ensure the emotional journey is always one from recognition, exploration and reflection, to one that promotes a positive state of well-being, clarity and calm. 

The workshop can be commissioned by Local Authorities, Clinical Commissioning Groups, Schools, Parent-Support groups and other organisations. It can also be adapted to meet the needs of other vulnerable adult groups. 

You can explore A Little Workshop of Calm Course Overview & Fees here. 

For all enquiries, please contact heather@thelocaloffer.co.uk 

"What we achieve inwardly, will change outer reality."
Plutarch, Philosopher, (CE 46 - CE 120)